Seary Physiotherapy has at present six experienced chartered physiotherapists, five sports masseurs and also offers a chiropody services.

Our team has a vast experience of treating a variety of conditions such as, sports injuries (muscles, ligaments, joints, haematomas), spinal (neck, back, sciatica, lumbago, trapped nerves), occupational injuries (Repetitive strain injury, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow), frozen shoulder, whiplash, osteoarthritis, post orthopaedic surgery, knee arthroscopy, post fracture and dislocations.

Andrew our director, has particular expertise in sports injury rehabilitation being involved with the Welsh Rugby Union for 17 years at all levels.

As part of our service we undertake a thorough patient review and document our clients’ medical history to get a clear understanding of each individuals needs to ensure we can provide a high quality service at very competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent atmosphere to enable us to assess, treat and provide self help to a variety of problems, from your "niggly" hamstring to your acute "back spasm".